May. 14th, 2009

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While [staff profile] mark has been in PayPal hell these past two days, I've been in bank hell.

See, when we opened up our bank account, I specifically asked if there'd be any problems using the Visa check card for large-ticket purchases. Like, for instance, our hosting services. The account rep said sure, no problem, it's all good.

Fast-forward to us having moved the hosting payment over to the check card. Cue payment failing. Cue us talking to the bank and discovering there's a previously-undisclosed limit of $2500 a day in charges. Cue [staff profile] mark spending Tuesday on the phone with them to get them to raise the limit, and them agreeing.

Cue the payment failing again on Wednesday morning.

So I spent much of yesterday yelling at the bank (* note: i do not actually yell at banks, I just get very quiet and very stubborn), on the phone (* note: phones are evil), only to discover (* note: and by 'discover' i mean 'finally drag out of them after several hours of bouncing around their call center') that when they'd agreed to raise the limit on Tuesday, what they actually meant was that they wouldn't raise the limit at all (* note: and by 'wouldn't raise the limit at all' i mean 'either permanently or just for this one charge, despite having been assured all along that they could raise the limit for one charge').

Guess we're putting the hosting bill on my personal credit card again this month while we wait for the decision on the actual business credit card we've applied for :P

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