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Today I found out that open source community member, feminist, activist, and fucking awesome human being Nóirín Plunkett has died. I have no words for what we've lost in losing Nóirín; I think the open source community is going to keep running headfirst into that loss for years to come.

Nóirín, wherever you are now, I hope it's full of everything you would consider paradise. It's going to be a long fucking time before I stop looking for you at every conference I go to.
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[personal profile] lavendertook 2015-07-30 02:35 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm so sorry. *hugs*
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Aw, I'm sorry. There should be a term for the loss of a deeply respected colleague. Condolences, regardless.
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What?!? Oh no. That's awful.

Oh Nóirín.
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Happy birthday Denise! Have a wonderful day. x

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[personal profile] jenwithapen 2018-09-24 07:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey Denise, please first, I'd like to express my heartfelt sympathies for your loss. I always think that life is a journey of energy and the people we know and love, even though they've finished a physical path, they have an electrochemical path that follows. This really beautiful journey, back into nature, back into nurture, back into all the colors of the cosmos! If there's any truth to it, I'd like to think of your friend still making that journey. Rest her!

The second thing I'd like to offer is an apology. I know you've noted at the top of your account that you and Mark don't have the time to comment on Dreamwidth business, though this was written in 2009, what I'd call more the LJ/blogging hay day, so that was totally understandable! I'm hoping in 2018, I might be able to speak with you very briefly. I'll just explain as quick as I can. My friend and I have been running a writing competition on Livejournal for 12 years, now (we started in 2006). Throughout our years, we've drawn THOUSANDS (literally, I'm not joking!) to Livejournal. We just need it as the backbone, if you will, for the competition. Obviously, Dreamwidth doesn't have to do anything, we do it all. Prompts, lists, polls, ousting from the Island, everything. ;D This year, we're really excited to bring a smaller "pop up" version of our game to Dreamwidth. Honestly, we haven't agreed with LJ's policies for YEARS, but making this change isn't an easy one for us. We had a really long-standing and amicable relationship with them.

All I'm asking for, or hoping for, quite honestly, is... maybe in exchange for bringing some new people to your platform (which, with investors, I would imagine if you can still show an increase in enrollment, could only help, I hope). In exchange, I was hoping you guys might plug the new community on the front page until our signup closes (Oct 1st). I'm just asking for a week plug, and I even have copy and a small graphic if it helps. =)

I know this is HIGHLY unprofessional, and I do apologize. I looked for other ways to make contact, and unless I went through support (and I didn't think this really was a support issue), I couldn't find another way. Normally, I wouldn't interrupt, but I feel like this could be beneficial for both of us, and we're REALLY wanting to make this season super fun for everyone. Entertaining! We've got a lot of awesome planned. =D

You can get in touch with me here or you could always call my cell phone at 512-720-9883 or via email ( We'd be pulling these new folks in through Facebook writing communities (with a vested total of 180,000 writers amassed).

Thank you for your time and your kind consideration.

Sending the best,

Jen Todd
Austin, TX
Idol Writing Competition