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We're adding new people to our closed beta in leaps and bounds, so I figured I'd write an entry about this journal and who I am so people know. :)

Hi! I'm Denise; with [staff profile] mark I own and operate Dreamwidth Studios. This is my "staff" account; my personal account is at [personal profile] synecdochic, which is where I post about my life (infrequently) and my fannish stuff (way more frequently).

During our closed beta phase, I've subscribed to every personal account that's been created, because I know some people are reluctant to contact us with their questions or don't think that something they've noticed is actually a bug. I wanted to make sure I caught those sorts of issues.

When we reach open beta, I'll be dropping most of the subscriptions on this account, because I don't want people to feel like Big Brother (or, okay, Big Sister) is watching. You're welcome to stay subscribed to me! I don't plan on posting much to this account -- it'll mostly be used for making posts to official communities and commenting in situations where it needs to be clear that I'm speaking as staff. (I may keep doing the bug counts, though. I've found it's really awesome to be able to read back over and see what kind of progress we're making.)

I am, in no particular order:

* thirty-two years old;
* queer;
* in an exceedingly committed relationship with the fabulous [personal profile] sarah, which we will get around to making official as soon as Maryland legalizes gay marriage/civil unions or we can get off our asses to get to a state that does;
* disabled (I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic disorder involving a defect in the connective tissue leading to joint pain, frequent joint dislocations, and a whole host of other associated side effects that make life a bit of a challenge, and have recently started using a wheelchair for mobility assistance outside the house);
* possessed of perhaps the worst case of Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Syndrome you will ever find; my average 'day' runs on about a 36-hour cycle these days, which means you will often find me around at odd hours;
* a writer of both fanfic (mostly Stargate SG-1) and science fiction/fantasy;
* incapable of answering any kind of question without degenerating rapidly into tl;dr territory;
* powered by Diet Coke with Lime and Marlboro Lights;
* fiercely protective of my friends, my loved ones, and my people;
* open to being told when I have fucked something up, and willing to take whatever steps I need to take to make things right (and I'm even working very very hard on quickly getting over the immediate defensive reaction, or not getting immediately defensive at all, as well!);
* so incredibly, passionately, tremendously in love with the idea of online community, social networking, and social media, while at the same time hating the profiteering, advertiser-centric, sell-out attitude so prevalent in the Web 2.0 world;
* amazingly excited, and at the same time amazingly terrified, about Dreamwidth and what [staff profile] mark and I are accomplishing.

(Excited because this is what I have always, always wanted to do with social media, with LiveJournal, and with the internet in general. Terrified, because -- oh my God, what if we fuck up. I've been joking for a while that every time I think about what we're doing here, I need to go hyperventilate into a brown paper bag for a bit. In fact, a friend of mine recently shipped me a package of brown paper bags for that very purpose.)

I was raised by parents who were self-employed; they say your work ethic is set by the age of seven, and hoo-boy, it's no wonder I turned out like I did. You can read an older entry of mine -- (really, i'm just noodling around here) -- for some of my thoughts about the kind of business I want Dreamwidth to be. [staff profile] mark and I are looking to create something that will support our families and let us work at home in our pajamas, not something that will ever make us millions. Watching the energy and enthusiasm that everyone's been bringing to this project, the sheer amount of talent that has assembled around this project, is amazing.

I hope we can be worthy of you all.


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