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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2013-04-30 09:15 am

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Happy fourth birthday, Dreamwidth.

Good Lord, it feels like it's either been absolutely honking forever, or that we just started yesterday. Occasionally at the same time.
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Thank you for everything. Happy birthday.
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Happy birthday!

*throws sparkles and confetti*
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Happy Birthday!
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"it feels like it's either been absolutely honking forever, or that we just started yesterday. Occasionally at the same time."

Things that are commonly abbreviated to "DW" tend to have that in common... =;o}

Happy birthday Dreamwidth, and many, *MANY* happy returns!

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Brains are wonderful things. I'm more on the "whoa has it been four years already" side, though. ;)

Happy birthday again! Hope you and Mark are celebrating somehow.
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Happy birthday, DW! Thanks for everything, this place is amazing.
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It's been 4 years and a month for me! :D
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Y'all did an amazing thing and *are* amazing. Thank you!!!!

Happy birthday, Dreamwidth@!!!!
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a *BIG* happy anniversary/birthday or something says to y'all

you're super awesome ;)

ps. fix dreamhack's repo. didn't update something after several resets from my 'hack
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maybe the old repo (the pre-github area) in dreamhack is not working after some redirect
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thanks for super quick feedback. I'll trying to that
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Yeah, sorry - reinstalls on the Dreamhack machine are broken right now. :( It's on the todo list to be fixed, though! In the meantime, I can reinstall you manually if you prefer.
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Happy birthday! (Already???)
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I remember when it was just a twinkle in the code! ::dabs eyes::
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Happy Anniversary!
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Cor blimey! Is it really? Happy birthday!
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I can't believe it's been four years! Woooooo!

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*tosses streamers* Party ON!
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Happy Birthday Dreamwidth! I love you!
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Happy birthday!
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It feels exactly like that.
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Hooray for DW! \o/
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When I was writing my own birthday entry, I caught myself saying "last year".


four years ago.

holy fuck.
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Happy birthday! I guess you are counting the early days as 'Dreaming in the womb'? 8^D I just checked and I'll have been blogging here for four years two weeks from now. Time does fly! I thought it was maybe three years...