Feb. 5th, 2012

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This week, we resolved the last outstanding single-digit bug.

(Bug 8: Add ability to subscribe to a particular user's posts to a community; patched by [personal profile] sophie.)

We have 25 remaining double-digit bugs, some of which are metabugs/admin bugs that won't/can't be resolved and most of which are really involved epic projects I logged into Bugzilla off my initial "shit I'd love to do someday but probably we won't get to for a while" list I was keeping back during the initial brainstorming phase -- and I'm sure some of them could probably be closed now because they don't mesh with the direction the site developed, but I haven't been through Bugzilla on a "close bugs that are no longer relevant" run in a while -- but we now officially have knocked out all the single-digit bugs. I think this is very nifty. :)

Also of the nifty: we have 3369 bugs RESOLVED since we started using Bugzilla as a bugtracker in mid-January of 2009 (before then it was all just in our heads and in a few spreadsheets while we figured out how we wanted to set up bug tracking); we have 2975 bugs RESOLVED/FIXED. (The difference being: any time a bug is closed at all, it's counted as RESOLVED; RESOLVED/FIXED is for things where we explicitly made a change, while the others include such statuses as DUPLICATE, LATER, WONTFIX, and INVALID.) Some of those were massive sweeping changes; some of them were one-line fixes. I love every single one of them, because it means we're constantly trying to make things better. :)


denise: Image: Me, facing away from camera, on top of the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome (Default)

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