May. 3rd, 2009

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* Thank you to everybody for your good wishes! I wish I could reply to everyone individually, but as you can imagine, uh, kinda drowning over here. I ♥ you all, though.

* I do not ♥ PayPal. I would like for it to go away now. I told [staff profile] mark that if he loves me, he will get me a merchant account somewhere and write me a better interface than PayPal's utter crap. He told me he doesn't love me that much.

* Everyone who has gotten us this far, everyone who's handing out invite codes, everyone who's bought an account, everyone who's talked us up to their friends -- thank you guys. Seriously. You are all incredibly awesome.

* We did it. All of us! We did it! WE MADE A SITE!

* I even managed to get a good 12 hours of sleep today for once!

* [staff profile] mark and [personal profile] janinedog are currently asleep on our couch. I'd like to tell the entire Dreamwidth userbase that [staff profile] mark snores like a freight train.

* Still got tons of launch-related stuff to do, like sending out invites to people on the mailing lists (Mailman sure doesn't make it easy to export a subscribers list, omg) -- they've been drowned out by PayPal problems. (See item #2 above.)

* We got the first check payments in the mail today. (The local post office regional hub is really fast.) I went to go complete the order for the first of them. I got a 404 error.

"Hey, Mark," says I. "I think you forgot to push that file."

He told me he actually hadn't finished that code yet. He swears he'll do it tomorrow morning, though.

* Time from site launch to first Terms of Service complaint that wasn't just an inquiry about a certain provision of the ToS, but someone who wanted to report content in someone else's account/community: 18 hours.

(The answer was "so don't look at it, then!")

* Number of times I have had to re-log-in to PayPal because it has timed out on me, in the past 48 hours or so: off the freakin' scale. At least I remember our PayPal password now.

* I cannot wait to get the enhanced version of the stats page finished, so you guys can watch the rate of people moving in. Because it is awesome.


Now it is time to make it even better.
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