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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2009-05-07 05:03 am

tales from the front

* On Sunday, I had an apartment full of -- oh, about 20 people, maybe a bit more -- and my phone rings.

"Hello?" says I.

"Hi, this is PayPal account security. We've got a few questions for you," says the guy on the other end of the phone.

Turns out that if you do six figures of business in four days, PayPal gets suspicious even if you warned them ahead of time. We had to fax them all kinds of documents to prove that we really do exist as a business entity, and talk the guy on the phone through the process of "here's who we are, here's what we do, look, here's the website, you can see that we're legit."

Fun times. I guess I should just be glad that they didn't freeze our account entirely. (This is why we've been dumping money out of PayPal as fast as it's coming in.)

* [personal profile] damned_colonial made a really interesting spreadsheet comparing DW and the Archive Of Our Own, OTW's flagship product. It's fasincating to see both the similarities and the differences.

* Things that make me crack up: the Twitter Support Ninja!

* In the past week, we've gotten something like ~20 cards/postcards/etc to Dreamwidth HQ. We need to put them up on the walls and take pictures -- it's fascinating to see where people are coming from!

A few people have also sent gifts, too -- everything from bumper stickers to a five-pound bag of peanuts. Thanks, guys. Y'all rock hardcore. ♥

* Things that make me happy: we overbuilt our open-beta launch by a factor of about four. Why does this make me happy when it means that we overpaid our open-beta launch by a factor of about four? Because it means that we weathered the traffic spike beautifully, and now know exactly where we can scale back to, and have good data in hand for when we move to colocation. (Which we want to do pretty quickly, although Slicehost is awesome.)

I will confess to a certain amount of smugness in the equation, too, given the number of people who said things along the lines of "and what makes us think that their servers will be able to withstand the rush of people when they open?" But we all already knew I'm a horrible person.

* Today's WTF moment: I saw someone saying that they'd never come over to Dreamwidth because it was run by the people who apparently screwed users over at GreatestJournal just before the site went down. Bzuh?

(For the record, neither [staff profile] mark nor I ever even had an account on GreatestJournal.)

* Right after open beta, someone got bitten by mistyping their email address on the account payment process, so they needed the account creation code reissued. I explained to him that we'd overlooked that bit of the payment admin system, so as soon as it got committed, I'd email him his account creation code again. About 18 hours later, Mark finished that and pushed it; I caught his request on my next round through the Account Payments queue.

I later happend upon an entry he made in which he complimented us for our service, and added something along the lines of, "Although, I got a reply at a really weird hour. I wonder if they have day jobs or something?"

I felt like saying: no, sir, I'm just a freak.

[ If you're having a problem with DW, please see this entry for information about how to report it instead of leaving me a comment or an inbox message. Thanks! ]

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