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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2013-06-27 01:30 am
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Impostor syndrome

I've been talking a lot at conferences this year about impostor syndrome, and if you're interested, the Ada Initiative has transcribed and captioned the talk I gave at this year:

Kicking Impostor Syndrome In The Head: Lessons from AdaCamp DC and SF

This is the shorter version of the talk -- I gave the longer one at Open Source Bridge last week, and the slides for that one can be found at Kicking Impostor Syndrome In The Head. (The longer talk also includes a section on how you can help people around you with their impostor syndrome, especially if you're in a position of social or technical authority or status in your group or project.) I'm pretty sure video of that talk will be available at some point, too!
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[personal profile] grammarwoman 2013-06-27 03:26 pm (UTC)(link)
That's a wonderful presentation! Thank you for sharing it.

It's funny, but the thing that has most helped me get through/past/around my imposter syndrome is simply age: I used to think I was younger than everyone else (which is basically true in my department here at work) and that therefore they had more experience and knew more than I did.

Now that I've been at my current workplace for 10 years, and my job has changed to web development, I'm working with people my age or younger, and I can see that it's not that their experience is greater or better, just different. It's become a lot easier to say, "Hey, I don't know that." and not take it as a personal failing.