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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2011-08-22 04:24 am
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I wish to proudly announce that this morning, we passed a major milestone: 3000 bugs resolved.

Not only is this an incredibly amazing rate of development, it's so awesome to open the Bugzilla queries for all resolved and all resolved/fixed (which are the ones that were specifically resolved via a patch, not resolved because they were duplicate/invalid/not something we wanted to do/fixed by proxy with another patch, etc, and which is at 2656 bugs) and see so many different names -- many of whom I know had never programmed in Perl before joining us, or who had never programmed at all.

I firmly believe we have the best darn development team of any project out there -- and we have a lot of fun while we're doing it. Y'all rock, people. Pat yourselves on the back!
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Also, for a moment there I thought you said yarn development team :D
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We probably have the best of those, too!
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erika: (sga: success!)

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Amazing work, dev team!
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You all rock!!!
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omg. This is amazing.
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Well done! Thank You for the EXCELLENT work at dreamwidth. Am really enjoying it here. :)