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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2010-03-05 04:04 am

Dreamwidth In Person

Conferences I/we will be speaking at in the next few months:

LibrePlanet 2010: March 19th-21st, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Panel on Recruiting/retaining women in free software projects. Chris Ball, Hanna Wallach, Erinn Clark and Denise Paolucci.

Web 2.0 Expo SF: May 3-6, San Francisco, CA. Build Your Own Contributors (One Part at a Time). Denise Paolucci and Mark Smith.

NCWIT Summit: May 18-20, Portland, OR. Women in Open Source. Angela Byron, Denise Paolucci, Kirrily Robert.

We have also pitched several talks to this year's OSCON, but speaker sessions haven't been chosen for that yet. If you'd be interested in having us come and speak at your event, you can contact me and Mark at and!

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