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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2010-01-20 11:17 pm
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LCA talk

The slides from our presentation are up here: Build Your Own Contributors, One Part at a Time. I'll post video when it's available!

(Now, to figure out what we're going to pitch for OSCON.)
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[personal profile] wide_worlds_joy 2010-01-20 02:45 pm (UTC)(link)
You could do something about how to handle "moral pressure" from idiots. You guys are doing a hell of a job with it.
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[personal profile] sophie 2010-01-20 04:07 pm (UTC)(link)
These trolls aren't actually out to get entries taken down; that's merely a secondary objective. What they *really* want is to take Dreamwidth down if possible, and they're using the guise of so-called "child pornography" to do it, since the idea of it is pretty universally abhorrent, and it's easy for people to mistake legally protected fics involving underage characters as such.