Painting the Robot Table

May. 23rd, 2015 07:15 pm
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Cheltenham Science Festival continues to consume most of my attention. This is me painting the "robot table" the lego robot dinosaurs will be on. The idea is that there should be some "water" and a "path" which the dinosaurs can follow to find the water.

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May. 23rd, 2015 07:23 am
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So, [personal profile] elisem stopped by on her way to Balticon, and we mutually enabled each other: she got me and [personal profile] sarah hooked on Ingress (more info on Wikipedia, since the website is not at all that informative; the pithy explanation for it is "It's a game of virtual capture the flag"), and I got her hooked on Bush Whacker. \o/

Sarah's already level 5 and I'm already level 4. This is apparently a Very Fast Progression, given that we both signed up on Thursday, but I have infected Sarah with a bit of my "that escalated quickly" attitude toward life, so. :)

(If anybody wants to start playing, let me know, I'll send you an invite.)

We are both playing for the Resistance. Baltimore is apparently a heavily Enlightened town, which means plenty of tasty, tasty AP. Last night we were out wardriving (Sarah driving the car with me double-fisting both our phones hacking the portals we were passing to get the loot from them) and on our way back home, we thought, hell, let's capture the portals nearest our house. So we pulled into the driveway of the church nearby -- many of the portals are churches/museums/memorials/sculptures/etc -- and managed to take it down. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, a car came tearing in and two minutes later the portal was green again. We made someone leave the house at midnight to come recapture a portal. It was kind of the best thing ever.

We are leaving tomorrow for a five-day cruise in the Bahamas. I am looking forward to seeing what portals we find on our way. :D

The Randomiser: The Ark

May. 22nd, 2015 08:39 pm
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Way back when, near the beginning of this Randomiser lark, we watched The Savages and I was struck by how strong Dodo was when I had mentally classed her with a lot of the sixties girly screamers*. The Ark is her first proper story and she's really good here too - robust, cheerful, and a lot less clingy than a lot of sixties teenage companions end up being.

More Under the Cut )

As 1960s Doctor Who goes, this is pretty good. It moves at a nice pace, the ideas are interesting, and the Tardis crew have a good fun dynamic (and is a crew that are fairly under-appreciated in fandom). On the downside some of it is pretty by-the-numbers and the costumes really let the production down.

*and yes I know they all have saving graces (though I sometimes wonder about Victoria, whose written incarnation in the Target novels I was very fond of as a child, but who has always underwhelmed me on the screen), but Dodo, like Zoe Herriot, seems to have a bit more going for her than most of them.
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Title: Connections
Author: SunHawk
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Series: Ion Arc Part 12
Character: Duo Maxwell/Heero Yuy
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: light angst, mentions of suicide
Summary: Heero is busy with the Captain Gray case, while Duo faces down the stress of his first art show
Text: here
Length 9hrs 49min
Link: here mp3

, m4b format

New vid: "Pipeline"

May. 23rd, 2015 10:35 pm
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Title: Pipeline
Vidder: Sumana Harihareswara ("brainwane")
Fandom: Multi (documentaries, movies, TV, comics, coding bootcamp ads, and more)
Music: "Blank Space", Taylor Swift
Length: 3 minutes, 11 seconds
Summary: The tech industry has a blank space, and is quite eager to write your name.
Content notes: Implied verbal/emotional abuse, a few seconds of very fast cutting around 1:50
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike (CC BY-SA)
Download: on Google Drive (165 MB high-res MP4, 23 MB low-res MP4, 98 MB AVI), or at Critical Commons with login (high- and low-res MP4 and WebM files)
Stream: at Critical Commons (choose View High Quality for best experience)
Subtitles file:

Premiered just now at WisCon 2015 (the vid party).

Embedded video below:

50 sources (28 video, 22 still) )

Thank you to my betas:

  • Skud
  • seekingferret
  • were_duck
  • Leonard Richardson
  • Teresa Nielsen Hayden
  • and others.

Feelings and interpretation:
You don't need to read this )
About 75 hours over 2 months )

This vid is under CC BY-SA and I hope people feel free to remix it, redistribute it, and otherwise enjoy it, as long as they attribute me as the vidder.

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Title: Dark Prince
Author: [ profile] Spiced_Wine
Reader: [personal profile] chantress
Fandom: The Silmarillion/The Lord of the Rings
Pairings: Morgoth/OC, Sauron/OC, Maglor/OC--and others mentioned, implied, or downright USTing up the place ;)
Rating: Mature
Length and format: 00:29:55 (Chapter 13), mp3
Summary: Lúthien was not the only offspring of Maia and Elf born in the Elder Days, but Vanimórë's tale was never to be sung in glittering halls.

His mother was Elven. His father was Sauron. His birth was accomplished by the blackest sorcery of Morgoth Bauglir.

He was forged as a double-edged sword is forged, as lethal and as beautiful. And they tested him to breaking-point.

He would not break.

The first of the Dark Prince series, the story of Sauron's son, born to be a weapon, a warrior, a servant of the Dark - or its eternal enemy.

Warnings: Rape, dubcon, violence, torture, incest, slavery, sexual content, and Elvish as rendered by an over-enthusiastic Mortal.
Text: Here
Download link for Chapter 13: Here

Some vids I learned from

May. 23rd, 2015 10:32 pm
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I started watching fanvids at WisCon 2009, thanks to Skud, and particularly loved a few, such as "What About", "Starships!" and its monochromatic remix, "Grapevine Fires", "Hey Ho", and "Us". Once I decided to make "Pipeline", I started rewatching and seeking out vids with a political message, multifandom/multisource vids, ambitious vids, and vids that used still photos, screencasts, comics, and similar material well. I took notes, sometimes brief and sometimes detailed, of lessons I took from those vids (especially particularly fine-grained "how do you do that" bits of technique). This feels like something to share.

With some arbitrary categorization for ease of skimming, here are some vids I learned from:

Using stills well
three vids )

four and a half vids )

six vids )

two vids )


And of course I learned from a ton of other sources, like a ton of meta about vidding, and Tony Zhou's "Every Frame a Painting" video series, and the scores of vids I've watched over the years. Anyway, hope someone finds this of interest.

WisCon Schedule

May. 20th, 2015 02:55 pm
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I'll be at WisCon starting tomorrow and leaving on Tuesday. I am scheduled to participate in these sessions:

  1. Imaginary Book Club, Fri, 4:00-5:15 pm in Conference 2. Five panelists discuss books that don't exist, improvising critiques and responses. I proposed this panel a few years ago (you can see video of its debut) and it has continued, which is cool!
  2. Lighthearted Shorthand Sans Fail, Sat, 8:30-9:45 am in Capitol A. What are your go-to phrasings to avoid sexism, ableism, etc. while getting your point across in casual conversation? I hope to walk out of this with some new vocabulary to replace bad habits.
  3. Vid Party, Saturday night 9:00 pm-Sun, 3:00 am in room 629. I am premiering a fanvid. Once it's premiered, I'll hit Post on blog posts to announce it publicly as well.
  4. Call Out Culture II: Follow-up to the Discussion Held at WisCon 38, Sun, 10:00-11:15 am in Senate A. Meta-discussion around discourse in social justice movements. I predict this session will be pretty intense.
  5. Vid Party Discussion, Sun, 1:00-2:15 pm in Assembly. We will discuss some of the vids shown at the vid party, and fan vids in general. This will be the first time I've engaged in public realtime conversation about fanvids. Before this panel I hope to publish some notes about what I learned from watching several vids that drew from multiple sources (including stills), made a political point, or were otherwise particularly ambitious. I'll probably reference those lessons during the panel.

I also proposed "What Does Feminist Tech Education Look Like?", "Impostor Syndrome Training Exercise", and "Entry Level Discussion Group", but am not a panelist or presenter for those sessions; I bet they'll be interesting, though, and you could do worse than to check them out. You can read Entry Level ahead of time for free online.

I look like the photo to the left. I am often bad with names, and will remember 5 minutes into our conversation that we had an awesome deep conversation three years prior. I apologize in advance.

If you are good at clothes, consider joining me at the Clothing Swap portion of the Gathering on Friday afternoon to help me find pieces that suit me. I'm introducing two old pals to WisCon and spending a lot of time with them (we live in different cities), and they're both white, so I might not be able to come to the People of Color dinner on Friday night. And sadly, The Floomp dance party on Saturday happens during the Vid Party so I probably can't attend that. I did buy a ticket for the Dessert Salon and will attend the Guest of Honor and Tiptree Award speeches on Sunday, and maybe you will be at my table!

One of my pals who's coming to WisCon is Beth Lerman, an artist who will be displaying and selling her work in the art show. Check it out!

Also I am open to doing a small room performance of my half-hour geeky stand-up comedy routine if several people ask for it. I don't know when or where it would be; Monday night would be easiest. Speak up in comments or some other medium if you'd be interested.

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Title: turning up the volume when you speak
Author: [ profile] twistedingenue
Reader: [ profile] blackglass
Rating: G
Fandom: MCU
Pairings: Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis
Summary: Everybody knows somebody who never got words. Darcy’s always been Everybody else’s somebody that they know.
Length: 8:08
Download: Right click and save as an mp3. (Thanks to paraka for hosting!)

Streaming available at AO3.

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"Partners" by bookaddict43

May. 17th, 2015 09:36 pm
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Title: Partners
Author: [ profile] bookaddict43
Reader: [ profile] blackglass
Rating: G
Fandom: Firefly
Pairings: Jayne Cobb/Kaylee Frye
Summary: Kaylee wants to be partners with the other woman in Jayne's life
Length: 3:03
Download: Right click and save as an mp3. (Thanks to paraka for hosting!)

Streaming available at AO3.

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Title: Audio Trailer for 'The Work of Coming Home'
Author: [ profile] Luzula
Reader(s): [personal profile] podfic_lover
Fandoms: due South
Pairing/Characters: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Warnings: None
Length: 18min:14sec

Summary: Ray and Fraser get married and move to Inuvik together. Happily ever after isn't as easy as that, though—Ray doesn't have a job, and living in an isolated cabin together may be fine as a honeymoon, but it doesn't work very well in the long term.

Download & Streaming links MediaFire: mp3 (17 Mb) or audiobook (16 Mb)

Reader's Note: Recorded for Luzula during the "dS C6D Big Bang 2010".

cross posted at amplificathon, my journal, and AO3

Rained yesterday

May. 17th, 2015 05:10 pm
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Rosebush appreciated it.
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Title: You can't call it 'Veritaserum'
Author: [ profile] Mommybird
Reader: [ profile] blackglass
Rating: E/NC-17
Fandom: MCU
Pairings: Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov
Summary: They used to think Captain American was impervious to any drug, but drugs nowadays are a lot stronger and smarter than they used to be. (Takes place somewhere between The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.)
Length: 17:37
Download: Right click and save as an mp3. (Thanks to paraka for hosting!)

Streaming available at AO3.

NuWho Rewatch: Amy's Choice

May. 17th, 2015 02:27 pm
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Another story I don't think I really understood first time around. It's a lot less interested in playing the science-fictional game associated with dream realities than it is in show-casing the dynamics around the three central characters.

More Under the Cut )

I don't dislike this episode. It has a nice idea which works very well within the character arcs of the season. It's just that, somehow, it manages to feel a little insubstantial nevertheless.

Scottish Jokes Daily

May. 17th, 2015 02:20 pm
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[community profile] scottish_jokes_daily - because I could use some more fun in my life. Come and subscribe if you feel the same.

Ada the Dinosaur

May. 16th, 2015 09:19 pm
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Because Lego Rovers is now funded by the Strategic Facilities Technology Council, we have an opportunity to present it in the STFC funded marquee at Cheltenham Science Festival. Despite the fact that the STFC mostly funds particle physics and astronomy this is the "DinoZone" because, well, because Phil Manning (who I refuse to come up with a pseudonym for on the grounds the man is a minor celebrity, even if he is also a neighbour). Since it is the DinoZone, obviously, the Lego Rovers have to look like dinosaurs.

Hence Ada (shown above), named after Ada Lovelace. I also have a Grace though she doesn't look much like a Triceratops yet, and several lists of other prominent female programmers, computer scientists, and other computing professionals.

B. will also be there (he has a kinect-based make the dinosaur dance demo) and will be taking part in Variety Night: An Evening of Unnecessary Detail (for which he has remarkably few details unnecessary or otherwise).

The DinoZone will be open to the public from 3pm-6pm on the 2nd and 3rd June, 3pm-9pm on the 4th and 5th June, and 10am-9pm on the 6th and 7th June. We won't be there the whole time (there are minions) but if you are in the Cheltenham area and may drop in, let us know and we can see how timings match up.

Delightful Poly Promo Post

May. 15th, 2015 10:55 pm
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[community profile] last_arrival X [community profile] rainbowfic Joint Operations Presents...

Hello Summer, Hello Blues RP
 photo LARBF.jpg

A special collaboration between the upcoming narrative RPG community [community profile] last_arrival and Dreamwidth’s own easy does it writing community [community profile] rainbowfic, Hello Summer, Hello Blues RP is an open roleplay thread that any character can join. It will be hosted at [community profile] goblin_bar from 21 May to 25 May.

-Come meet the characters for [community profile] last_arrival, opening for player applications in June
-Spend time with the [community profile] rainbowfic crew and get to know their diverse casts
-Wind down after all of your Memorial Day grilling
-All players to be awarded novelty bead prompts which can be used for games at [community profile] rainbowfic
--One of which is coming up right after the RP
--And you can have one for signal boosting too.

If you do not have a character journal, please bring a character-specific icon. Though the RP itself is set at a brothel, [community profile] goblin_bar has requested that any threads which get R-rated be moved to a community-member locked private post.

Come on over and check it out!

The Post Is Currently Live. Come and Play!
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Join Jenepod and Paraka as they talk about Amplificathon 2015. We've got an interview with one of the current mods, Kalakirya, discuss rule changes, the history of the challenge and rec some of our favs from this round.

Links to all the sites and podfics discussed in the episode, check out our pinboard.

Download: mp3
Length: 0:54:21
Hosts: Jenepod and Paraka, with special guests kalakirya

Stream )

If, while listening you had thoughts to add, please consider sending us a TalkBack submission!

Check out our website for more information, or you can follow us on twitter, tumblr, AO3 or iTunes.

You can email us at

Notes: The music is Carefree by Kevin MacLeod and our art was made by yue_ix


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