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applications for adacamp san francisco (june 8-9) are now open!

adacamp is a two-day unconference for supporters of women in open technology and culture. if you are significantly female-identified (*) and into open stuff -- not just programming or technical matters, but any form of open data, open government, fan and remix culture, open education, open source, open technology, and so on -- you should really consider attending.

there's childcare available, too, if that would be a limiting factor! and there's (limited) travel funding you can apply for. the conference itself is "by invitation", but the invitation process is basically to make sure people have a basic level of awareness of feminism in order to get the most out of things and not be detrimental to the group as a whole; it's not there to exclude people who aren't "technical enough" (if you're reading this on the internet right now, you're technical enough). so if you're interested in hanging out for a weekend and talking with other women about open technology and culture, you should apply.

i went to adacamp dc and it was an awesome experience being around so many smart, interesting, engaging women. i'm not 100% sure yet whether or not i'm going to be able to go to this one, but if you can, you really should.

(*) based on feedback and requests, the main adacamp sf programming is restricted to women and people who are significantly female-identified. there's a parallel allies track for people of all other genders, being held on june 8. the ada initiative uses an inclusive definition of female-identified: if you identify primarily or significantly as a woman, you can register for the main track.

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