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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2013-03-08 02:01 pm
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bug counts are getting back in the saddle

it's been ages and ages since the last time i did a bug count post! (no, really, ages. the last one was over a year ago, eep!)

but i'm in the middle of working through a whole fuckton of bugzilla cleanup this week, and i thought i'd post a count at the midpoint. the "all open" numbers look scary, but they're down considerably from where we started at the beginning of the week, so i am ridiculously pleased!

All open: 897
All assigned: 181
All unassigned: 716
Bugs only: 572
Enhancements only: 325
All resolved: 4025
All resolved-fixed: 3462

(some of the queries have been removed, since we've moved to github for submitting patches, so the queries are no longer meaningful!)

of particular note: we have passed 4000 resolved bugs, and are approaching 3500 resolved/fixed!

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