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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2012-07-21 02:52 am

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Awesomeness: load the Latest Things page and see so many posts that are like "I'm testing out email posting so I can try the first draft of file hosting!" We released this way because it was soooo much easier (seriously, "upload from file" is a pain in the goddamn ass to do right and really easily to do badly) but the side effect of spotlighting one of our lesser-known features is kind of great.

Less awesomeness: a full week of trying to shoehorn myself into a 24-hour sleep schedule means that despite having woken up at a reasonable-ish time today, I am sitting here WIDE AWAKE and the alarm will be going off in four and a half hours for breakfast, last bits of packing, and heading to the airport :(

Not awesome at all: having to go back home and leaving behind all the amazing energy, enthusiasm, and excitement that comes from having ten people all sitting in a room hacking on DW. We are totally doing this again sometime.

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