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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2012-07-17 09:26 am

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"We made it so you could switch [the $[ variable] back on, but you had to DECLARE your SINS."

...I love listening to Damien Conway's talks so much, hee.

Other good ones: talking about upgrading Perl and then trying to run scripts that weren't running under 'strict', since 5.12 and onward assumes 'use strict' by default (EDIT: when you declare the version with 'use', I forgot to specify that): "If you upgrade to [Perl 5.12], your program may do unexpected things. That's just a delayed form of justice."

"Why didn't Perl have a println? Pascal has a println!"

"Every time I write a say, I get this little ... BURST of happiness!"

"A lot of people want to tear [smartmatching] down and put up this little tiny effigy in place of it."

"Let's be honest here, Perl only DWIMs if you're Larry Wall."

"You can just use braces instead, but that's two extra characters of typing. With a shift key. Unacceptable."

"How is this different than 'use constant'? 'use constant' is an abomination before God, and this isn't."

"Unlike C++, Perl6 is not sent from hell itself."

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