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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2012-07-16 09:23 am

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Kind of awesome: I'm at Peter Scott's "Perl: The First Three Days" tutorial at OSCON, and the room is like 85% Macs. *g*

I picked this tutorial because despite knowing a ton of useful intermediate and advanced Perl stuff, I am kind of laughably bad at some of the basics, and I have hit the point where the lack of the basics is totally messing with me. So I figure, I will keep taking intro stuff until I figure out data types and context properly :)

Also! We are having a BOF on diversity in open source, on Wednesday at 8PM. (I forget what room, but it's on the signup board.) If you are here at OSCON, come hang out with us and we'll talk about all kinds of stuff.

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