cmshaw: Leverage: when Hardison pushes the button, everything goes boom (Geeks bring the firepower)
cmshaw ([personal profile] cmshaw) wrote in [staff profile] denise 2011-03-30 02:26 am (UTC)

Code that is brilliant, flawless, and crystal clear when you write it slowly morphs into idiotic, bug-ridden, and clear as mud over time. This is a well-known process. I suspect pixies in the source code repository, working their anti-magic while nobody's looking.

Yes! Darn them. They get into everything!

This is why I like writing flippant comments in my code. It reminds me of my mindset at the time I was first writing it and helps me look at things the right way to pick up and work on it again. Yes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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