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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote 2011-03-30 01:53 am (UTC)

Oh, man, I feel your pain. Good luck!

And yeah, the Apache 1.3 dependency was the first thing we did (it sort of had to be) -- down the road, LJ even used our implementation of it as a reference for their own work. (They got off the 1.3 tree somewhere in 2009, I think.) It was painful.Then there's JQuery-ifying the site, and converting to Template Toolkit, and half the code wasn't even OO, and just, ugh. Ten years of deferred payments -- and that's just on the backend; I'm not even going to get into the mess that half the frontend is in.

Sometimes I look at all of it and get totally overwhelmed by just how much we have left to do, but then I stop and make myself look at how far we've come. We've actually diverged from LJ so much that we can't adopt their patches wholesale anymore; we need to convert them to work on our end. If that's not a sign of how far we've come, I don't know what is!

memcached: man, some of the things Brad came up with were total duds, and his code is occasionally a bunch of sheer wtf, and rolling your eyes and mocking Acts of Brad was a common pastime even back in the LJ office of 2004, but in his own way the guy is a genius, and the things he came up with in order to keep LJ running on a shoestring from 2002-2005 or so, before Six Apart could just throw more hardware and people at the problems, were occasionally works of art. I learned more about architecture from watching him than I ever realized. I really do hope that the historians of the future give him the credit he really deserves.

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