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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2009-12-08 03:55 pm
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dreamwidth todo list, week of 12/7

I'm going to start making a todo list so I stop losing track of what I should be doing!

This week:

* Answer [profile] julietk's email interview questions
* existing docs scrub
* new docs writing
* Bugzilla tidy
* Code something. Anything.
* Revise my review- patches.
* Clean out my inboxes
* spreadsheet of CLAs
* recluster account settings tabs based on card sort results
* post for feedback about same
* write post about "why options are usually bad UI"
* nail [staff profile] mark to AIM to brainstorm on update/editjournal redesigns
* finalize december paid time promotion with [staff profile] mark
* review some patches
* write post about online gendered threatening behaviors i have known and loved
* bugzilla nags
* thing-a-thon proposal

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but that's what I remembered wanting to accomplish for the rest of the week.

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