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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2009-07-13 03:14 am

(no subject)

* [staff profile] mark continues to do the monday updates this month! let him know if you've got anything.

* I had 51 patches in this push. That's crazy. Okay, some of them were codemerges from LJ that I just packaged, but still. Mark is threatening to take away my suit.

* I do, however, get the "I Broke The Build" badge of shame: two of my patches required emergency bugfixes after being pushed live, no matter how much I tested them. I console myself with the fact that one of the two emergency bugfixes was something really small and fiddly that I was not, in fact, really expected to notice. (The other, I have no excuse for, but at least someone else came along after me and broke it just as badly. *G*)

* I'm sure there are things that are still broken, so comment to [site community profile] dw_maintenance :)

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