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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote2009-05-11 08:27 am

weekend tales from the front

* Friday, I hit my "oh my God" wall. Caught up on account-related problems, then spent the morning/afternoon knitting and catching up on TV; spent the late afternoon/evening going out to dinner with Sarah, then seeing Star Trek. Barely touched DW all day. It was glorious.

* (Speaking of Sarah ([personal profile] sarah), she deserves mad props for not only doing beautiful work with the payment support queue, but also for being the one who runs up to the bank for deposits for us.)

* Then I slept through the entirety of Saturday. Oops.

* We actually got through all of the backlogged account-payment related problems on Sunday! This marks the first time since launch. Go us.

* This weekend, we passed 700 resolved bugs. \o/

* This weekend, I got a card from my mom's best friend wishing me congratulations on a successful launch & business venture. It included the line "I'll admit that I have no idea what you're really doing, but I'm proud anyway!" This cracked me up more than it probably should have.

* Now it's time to go up to the bank and deal with them (it's my turn this time), and then come home and write the Monday update. Who's got news?

[ If you're having a problem with DW, please see this entry for information about how to report it instead of leaving me a comment or an inbox message. Thanks! ]

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