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[tutorial] Further Reading

Here's a list of a whole bunch of resources, tools, and information for you to do more reading about accessibility and accessible design. (This was done with the help of the [site community profile] dw_accessibility community, who are a bunch of very lovely people!)

They're roughly divided into categories, more or less.

If there's something I've missed, or another tool or resource you're fond of, leave a comment! (If you're commenting anonymously, or logged in with OpenID, you can leave links in the comments, but they'll be rewritten to display as bolded text followed by bare URLs: that's an antispam feature. I'll try to come through behind people and turn them into clickable links. Or you could create a Dreamwidth account!)

Accessibility Standards

Links to standards documents themselves, or the documents explaining them or giving advice on how to implement them.

Criticism of Standards

A random sampling of some of the arguments as to why the current standards are inadequate or insufficient. There are many more criticisms! This is just an introduction to some of the most common, and why you might not want to look to the standards as the be-all and end-all.


Links to, and information about, the commonly used screenreaders, and information on how to simulate the screenreader experience if you don't have access to one of the commonly-used ones.